Omega Blood Direct PCR Kit TQ2300-01 TQ2300-00

上海金畔生物科技有限公司提供Omega Blood Direct PCR Kit TQ2300-01 TQ2300-00

Blood Direct PCR Kit

Our Price: $12.00$51.00

The Blood Direct PCR Kit incorporates a novel buffer system that effectively neutralizes inhibitors present in blood and allows direct PCR amplification from as little as 5ul blood treated with any commonly used anticoagulant.  This method completely eliminates the time-consuming DNA isolation process.  This kit can also be used for dried blood spot and saliva samples.

  • Speed – ready for PCR in 15 minutes
  • Convenience – no DNA extractions
  • Reliable – consistent amplification results
Catalog No. Preps Price
TQ2300-00 20 $12.00
TQ2300-01 100 $51.00

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Oemga Plant Direct PCR Kit Omega TQ2800-01/TQ2800-02/TQ2800-03

上海金畔生物科技有限公司提供 Oemga Plant Direct PCR Kit Omega TQ2800-01/TQ2800-02/TQ2800-03

Our Price: $22.00$67.00

The Plant Direct PCR Kit contains all the reagents required to rapidly extract and amplify genomic DNA from plant leaves.  DNA is extracted by submersing the leaf tissue in Extraction Solution and incubating at 55°C for 10 minutes, followed by 95°C for 5 minutes.  After an equal volume of the PT3 Buffer is added to the extract to neutralize inhibitory substances, the extract is ready for PCR.  An aliquot of the diluted extract is then combined with the 2X Taq Master Mix and user provided PCR primers to amplify target DNA. 2X Taq Master Mix is a 2X Reaction Mix containing buffer, salts, dNTPs, and Taq DNA Polymerase. It is optimized specifically for use with the extraction reagents.

  • Speed – ready for PCR in 30 minutes
  • Convenience – eliminates long DNA extraction process
  • Reliable – consistent amplification results
Catalog No. Preps Price
TQ2800-00 20 $22.00
TQ2800-01 100 $67.00

Omega Tissue Direct PCR Kit TQ2310-01 TQ2310-02 TQ2310-00

上海金畔生物科技有限公司提供Omega Tissue Direct PCR Kit  TQ2310-01 TQ2310-02 TQ2310-00

Tissue Direct PCR Kit

Our Price: $12.00$260.00

The Tissue Direct PCR Kit incorporates a novel buffer system that effectively lyses tissue and neutralizes inhibitors.  Simply take small pieces of tissue (5-10 mg) and incubate with T1 Buffer at room temperature or 56°C for 10 minutes to lyse tissue and release DNA.  After a 3 minute incubation at 95°C, the sample is ready for PCR amplification.

  • Speed – ready for PCR in 15 minutes
  • Convenience – no DNA extractions
  • Reliable – consistent amplification results
Catalog No. Preps Price
TQ2310-00 20 $12.00
TQ2310-01 100 $71.00
TQ2310-02 500 $260.00

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Plant Seeds Direct PCR Kit TQ2900-00 TQ2900-01 TQ2900-02

上海金畔生物科技有限公司提供Plant Seeds Direct PCR Kit TQ2900-00 TQ2900-01 TQ2900-02




方便 – 无需耗时的基因组DNA提取

快捷 – 可在80min内完成模板制备

可靠 – 优化的裂解系统及PCR系统保证结果的



编码 名称 次数 详情 单价
TQ2900-00 Seed Direct PCR Kit 20 Buffer PS1,Buffer PS2,Buffer PS3,PCR master mix,dddH2O 250.00
TQ2900-01 Seed Direct PCR Kit 100 Buffer PS1,Buffer PS2,Buffer PS3,PCR master mix,dddH2O 1000.00
TQ2900-02 Seed Direct PCR Kit 500 Buffer PS1,Buffer PS2,Buffer PS3,PCR master mix,dddH2O 5000.00




Taq DNA Polymerase:DNA聚合酶
TQ2100-00 Taq DNA Polymerase(500U) 160
TQ2100-01 Taq DNA Polymerase(1000U) 300
TQ2100-02 Taq DNA Polymerase(5000U) 1300
TQ2100-03 Taq DNA Polymerase(10000U) 2200
PCR Amplification Kit
TQ2104-01 PCR Amplification Kit(500U) 250
TQ2104-02 PCR Amplification Kit(1000U) 480
TQ2104-02 PCR Amplification Kit(5000U) 2300
Pfu DNA polymerase:pfu DNA聚合酶
TQ2101-00 Pfu DNA Polymerase(250U) 180
TQ2101-01 Pfu DNA Polymerase(500U) 350
Perfectstart Taq DNA polymerase:热启动Taq DNA聚合酶
TQ2102-00 Perfectstart Taq DNA polymerase(500U) 800
TQ2102-01 Perfectstart Taq DNA polymerase(1000U) 1500
Taq plus DNA polymerase:Taq plus DNA聚合酶
TQ2103-00 Taq Plus DNA Polymerase(500U) 250
TQ2103-01 Taq Plus DNA Polymerase(1000U) 480
Taq master mix:Taq PCR预混液
TQ2201-01 2 X Taq MasterMixture(5x1ml)含染料 500
TQ2201-02 2 X Taq MasterMixture(20x1ml)含染料 1800
TQ2201-03 2 X Taq MasterMixture(50x1ml)含染料 4250
TQ2200-01 2 X Taq MasterMixture(5x1ml)不含染料 450
TQ2200-02 2 X Taq MasterMixture(20x1ml)不含染料 1600
TQ2200-03 2 X Taq MasterMixture(50x1ml)不含染料 4000
Perfectstart Taq master mix:热启动Taq PCR预混液
TQ2202-01 Perfectstart Taq master 2X Mix(5x1ml) 1450
TQ2202-02 Perfectstart Taq master 2X Mix(10x1ml) 2600
High-Fidelity PCR master mix:高保真PCR预混液
TQ2203-01 High-Fidelity PCR master 2X Mix(5x1ml) 700
TQ2203-02 High-Fidelity PCR master 2X Mix(20x1ml) 1200
Perfectstart SYBY Green qPCR master mix:热启动SYBR Green 实时定量PCR预混液
TQ2300-01 Perfectstart SYBR Green qPCR master mix 600
TQ2300-02 Perfectstart SYBR Green qPCR master mix 2100
Perfectstart Taqman qPCR master mix:热启动Taqman实时定量PCR预混液
TQ2301-01 Perfectstart Taqman qPCR master mix 600
TQ2301-02 Perfectstart Taqman qPCR master mix 2100
M-MLV transcriptase:M-MLV逆转录酶
TQ2401-01 M-MLV trancriptase(5000U) 380
TQ2401-02 M-MLV trancriptase(50000U) 3500
M-MLV first strand cDNA Synthesis Kit:M-MLV第一链cDNA合成试剂盒
TQ2501-01 M-MLV first strand cDNA Synthesis Kit(20) 480
TQ2501-02 M-MLV first strand cDNA Synthesis Kit(100) 2200
One Step RT-PCR kit:一步法反转录PCR试剂盒
TQ2601-01 Omega One step RT-PCR kit(25) 700
TQ2601-02 Omega One step RT-PCR kit(100) 2700
10mM dNTPs
TQAC135 dNTP solution,10mM(4x250ul) 170
TQAC136 dNTP solution,25mM(4x250ul) 300
100mM dNTP each
TQAC131 dATP solution,100mM(250ul) 200
TQAC132 dcTP solution,100mM(250ul) 200
TQAC133 dGTP solution,100mM(250ul) 200
TQAC134 dTTP solution,100mM(250ul) 200
TQ2600-01 Animal tissue Direct PCR Kit(20)                  原名为Tissue Direct PCR Kit(20) 250
TQ2600-02 Animal tissue Direct PCR Kit(100) 1100
TQ2600-03 Animal tissue Direct PCR Kit(500) 5000
TQ2610-01 Fix Direct PCR Kit(20) 350
TQ2610-02 Fix Direct PCR Kit(100) 1500
TQ2610-03 Fix Direct PCR Kit(500) 7000
TQ3000-01 FFPE Direct PCR Kit(20) 300
TQ3000-02 FFPE Direct PCR Kit(100) 1300
TQ3000-03 FFPE Direct PCR Kit(500) 6000
TQ3100-01 microorganism Direct PCR Kit(20) 240
TQ3100-02 microorganism Direct PCR Kit(100) 1100
TQ2700-01 Blood Direct PCR Kit(20) 250
TQ2700-02 Blood Direct PCR Kit(100) 1100
TQ2700-03 Blood Direct PCR Kit(500) 5000
TQ2800-01 Plant tissue Direct PCR kit(20) 220
TQ2800-02 Plant tissue Direct PCR kit(100) 980
TQ2800-03 Plant tissue Direct PCR kit(500) 4500
TQ2801-01 Plant tissue Direct PCR kit without Taq(20) 150
TQ2801-02 Plant tissue Direct PCR kit without Taq(100) 650
TQ2801-03 Plant tissue Direct PCR kit without Taq(500) 3000
TQ2900-01 Plant seeds Direct PCR kit(20) 250
TQ2900-02 Plant seeds Direct PCR kit(100) 1000
TQ2900-03 Plant seeds Direct PCR kit(500) 5000
50bp DNA Ladder
M11-01 50bp DNA Ladder(250ul) 150
M11-02 50bp DNA Ladder(1ml) 560
50bp DNA Ladder plus
M07-01 50bp DNA Ladder Plus(250ul) 180
M07-02 50bp DNA Ladder Plus (1ml) 680
100bp DNA Ladder
M01-01 100bp DNA Ladder(50)(即250ul) 150
M01-02 100bp DNA Ladder(200)(即1ml) 560
100bp DNA Ladder plus
M08-01 100bp DNA Ladder Plus(250ul) 180
M08-02 100bp DNA Ladder Plus(1ml) 680
200bp DNA Ladder
M02-01 200bp DNA ladder(50)(即250ul) 150
M02-02 200bp DNA Ladder(200)(即1ml) 560
1kb DNA Ladder
M03-01 1kbp DNA Ladder(250ul)(即50次) 90
M03-02 1kbp DNA Ladder(1ml)(即200次) 340
1kb DNA Ladder plus
M09-01 1Kb DNA Ladder Plus(250ul) 160
M09-02 1Kb DNA Ladder Plus(1ml) 600
DL2000 DNA Marker
M10-01 DL2000 DNA Marker(250ul) 85
M10-02 DL2000 DNA Marker(1ml) 320
CL5000 DNA Marker
M06-01 CL5000 DNA Marker (250ul) 150
M06-02 CL5000 DNA Marker (1ml) 560
HT DNA Marker I
M04-01 HT Ladder I(50)(即250ul) 80
M04-02 HT Ladder I(200)(即1ml) 300
HT DNA Marker II
M05-01 HT Ladder II (50)(即250ul) 80
M05-02 HT Ladder II (200)(即1ml) 300
TQR01-01 RNase inhibitor(2000U) 300
TQR01-02 RNase inhibitor(10000U) 1350
VAC-03 EZ 96 Vacuum Manifolds 2500
VAC-08 Vacuum Manifolds 1700
MSD-01 E-Z 96 Magnetic Separation Device-A 1600
MSD-02 E-Z 96 Magnetic Separation Device-B 1600
MSD-03 Magnetic Separation Device-B 760
EZ9602-01 96 well 2ml collection plate(5) 250
EZ9602-02 96 well 2ml collection plate(25) 1100
EZ9604-01 96 well 500ul collection plate(5) 200
EZ9604-02 96 well 500ul collection plate(25) 900
SSI-1780-01 1.2ml Round Well Plate(10) 500
SSI-1780-02 1.2ml Round Well Plate(100) 3790
SSI-1702-00 1.2ml 8-Strip Caps,Non-strerile,125 strips 1500
SSI-1702-S0 1.2ml 8-Strip Caps,Prestrerile,125 strips 1770
SSI-1703-00 1.2ml 8-Strip Caps,Non-strerile,80 strips 1530
SSI-1703-S0 1.2ml 8-Strip Caps,Prestrerile,805 strips 1770
SSI-1760-00 1.2ml 8-Strip tubes,Non-sterile,960 tubes 3420
SSI-1760-S0 1.2ml 8-Strip tubes,Presterile,960 tubes 3870
SSI-1770-00 1.2ml 12-Strip tubes,Non-sterile,960 tubes 3420
SSI-1770-S0 1.2ml 12-Strip Tubes,Presterile,960 tubes 3870
AC1201-01 Sealing film(50)–不透气 400
AC1201-02 Sealing film(100) 720
AC1200-01 AeraSeal Film(50)–透气 400
AC1200-02 AeraSeal Film(100) 720
AC1331-01 Multi-Channel Diposable reservoir(10pk) 370
AC1332-02 12-channel reservoir(5/pk.4pk/case) 850
FL9601 E-Z 96 Lysate Clearance Plate(10) 1800
FL9602 E-Z 97 Lysate Clearance Plate(100) 12000
HCR003 Homogenizer Spin Column(200) 1000
HCR9601-02 EZ 96  Homogenization plate(4) 550
HCR9601-01 EZ 96  Homogenization plate(1) 150
E1091-01 Rnase Free Dnase Set(50) 500
E1091-02 Rnase Free Dnase Set(200) 1800
Rnase A:(25mg/ml)在DNA制备时酶切去除RNA
AC117 RNase A(400ul) 150
AC118 RNase A(5ml) 1050
Proteinase K:在DNA或RNA制备时酶消化样品
AC110 Proteinase K,30mg(配buffer1.5ml) 300
AC111 Proteinase K,100mg(配buffer5ml) 780
AC112 Proteinase K,1g(配buffer50ml) 5000
OB Protease:在DNA或RNA制备时,消化样品
AC113 OB Protease,30mg(配buffer1.5ml) 300
AC114 OB Protease,100mg(配buffer5ml) 780
AC141 Lysozyme A(50mg\23500u/mg) 150
AC142 Lysozyme A(50mg X 4) 560
AC143 LyticaseA(2500u) 150
AC144 LyticaseA(10000u) 560
ATP-Dependent Dnase:可有效的去除质粒溶液中的基因组污染
AC160 ATP-Dependent DNase(1000U) 1500
AC161 ATP-Dependent DNase(5000U) 2900
AC162 ATP-Dependent DNase(10000U) 4800
AC150 0.1mm-0.2mm Glass Beads(50g) 150
AC151 0.1mm-0.2mm Glass Beads(500g) 1050
AC152 0.4mm-0.6mm Glass Beads(50g) 150
AC153 0.4mm-0.6mm Glass Beads(500g) 1050
R6512-01 Oligo(dt)cellouse(250mg) 1480
R6512-02 Oligo(dt)cellouse(750mg) 4260
PS001 Solution I, 250ml 180
PS002 Solution II, 250ml 180
PS003 Solution III, 250ml 270
PS004 Neutralization Buffer, 250ml 180
PS005 Buffer SE, 250ml 180
PS006 Buffer T1, 250ml 180
PS007 Buffer T2, 250ml 180
PS008 Buffer T3, 250ml 180
PS009 Buffer HB, 250ml 315
PS010 BAC Binding Buffer,250ml 270
PS011 Buffer N3,250ml 270
PS012 ETR Reagent, 100ml 300
PS013 MGC Binding Buffer Concentrate, 20ml 270
PS014 SPM Wash Buffer Concentrate, 40 ml 270
PS015 Buffer GBT, 100 ml 270
PS016 Endotoxin-Free Elution Buffer-100ml 270
PR021 TRK Lysis Buffer , 100ml 900
PR022 QVL Lysis Buffer , 100ml 900
PR024 Buffer YRL, 100 ml 360
PR025 Buffer BRL, 100 ml 360
PR026 Buffer RB, 100ml 900
PR027 Buffer RPL, 100ml 900
PR028 Buffer RFL, 100ml 900
PR029 Buffer SP, 60ml 720
PR030 RNA Wash Buffer I, 100ml 360
PR031 RNA Wash Buffer II, 100ml 360
PR032 DEPC-treated Water, 100ml 120
PR033 Linear Acrylamide, 10ml 100
PR034 GTC Buffer,100ml 900
PR035 FTL Buffer,100ml 1080
PR036 AP Buffer,55ml 400
PDR040 Binding Buffer, 200ml(XP2) 450
PDR041 Binding Buffer, 500ml 1080
PDR042 Buffer CP, 200ml 450
PDR043 Buffer CP, 500ml 1080
PDR044 DNA Wash Buffer Concentrate, 40ml 108
PDR045 SPW Wash Buffer Concentrate, 25ml 108
PDR046 RWB Wash Buffer Concentrate, 20ml 360
PDR047 Buffer DP, 100ml 270
PDR048 Elution Buffer, 100ml 150
PDR049 Poly-Gel DNA Elution Buffer, 100ml 180
PDR050 Buffer RFE, 100ml 270
PD061 Buffer TL,100ml(WTL) 540
PD062 Buffer BL,100ml 900
PD063 Buffer STL,100ml 540
PD064 Buffer BDL,100ml 900
PD065 Buffer BTL,200ml 540
PD066 Buffer YL,100ml 540
PD067 Buffer MTL,100ml 540
PD068 Buffer YDL,100ml 450
PD069 Buffer ERL,100ml-红细胞裂解液 540
PD070 Buffer MSL,100ml 270
PD071 Buffer NL,100ml 270
PD072 Buffer XL,100ml 405
PD073 Buffer SP1,250ml 495
PD074 Buffer SP2, 60ml 405
PD075 Buffer SP3, 100ml 405
PD076 Buffer  P1, 250ml 495
PD077 Buffer P2, 60ml 405
PD078 Buffer P3, 100ml 405
PD079 Buffer CPL, 100ml 405
PD080 Buffer CXD, 100ml 405
PD081 Buffer SFG1, 250ml 405
PD082 Buffer SFG2, 60ml 405
PD083 Buffer SFG3, 100ml 405
PD084 Buffer FG1, 250ml 405
PD085 Buffer FG2, 60ml 455
PD086 Buffer FG3, 100ml 510
PD087 Buffer GPS  15ml 60
PD088 Buffer GPS  30ml 100
PD089 HTR 50ml 1800
PD090 Buffer SLX mlus,250ml 540
PD091 Buffer SLX ,100ml 900
PD092 Buffer DS 100ml 540
PD093 Midi Syringe 27
PD094 Max Syringe 45
PD095 ETR Binding Buffer  1L 2500
PD096 ETR Wash Buffer 1L 2100
PD097 EHB Buffer 1L 1260
SSI-1014-39 Homogenization Pestles(10/bag,20bag/cs)-0.5ml 1240
SSI-1015-39 Homogenization Pestles(10/bag,20bag/cs)-1.5ml 1240
PD098 玻璃奶 1ml 250
PD099 糖元 10mg 300
PD100 Carrier RNA 1mg 150
PD101 99.8%盐酸胍(500g) 350
PD102 99.5%异硫氰酸胍(500g) 650