L-苹果酸[MegaQuant法]检测试剂盒 L-Malic Acid Assay Kit (MegaQuant™ Format) 货号:K-LMALMQ Megazyme中文站


英文名:L-Malic Acid Assay Kit (MegaQuant™ Format)


规格:60 assays per kit.

The L-Malic Acid test kit is suitable for the measurement and analysis of L-malic acid in grapes, grape juice and wine using the MegaQuant™ colorimeter (measurement at 505 nm). Suitable for white and red wines at all stages of the winemaking process.

Simple colourimetric method for the determination of L-Malic
Acid in foodstuffs, beverages and other materials

(L-malate dehydrogenase)
(1) L-Malic acid + NAD+ ↔ oxaloacetate + NADH + H+

(glutamate-oxaloacetate transaminase)
(2) Oxaloacetate + L-glutamate → L-aspartate + 2-oxoglutarate

(3) INT + NADH + H+ → NAD+ + INT-formazan

Kit size: 60 assays
Method: Spectrophotometric at 505 nm
Reaction time: ~ 6 min
Detection limit: 0.25 mg/L
Application examples:
Wine, beer, fruit juices, soft drinks, candies, fruit and vegetables,
bread, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other materials (e.g. biological
cultures, samples, etc.)
Method recognition: Novel method


  • Novel product, patented technology
  • Highly stable reagents (at least three seasons use)
  • Very competitive price (cost per test)
  • Spectrophotometer / laboratory / expertise not required
  • Very simple procedure
  • Rapid reaction time (~6 min)
  • Standard included


Q1. What is the difference between K-LMAL-58A/116A, K-LMALAF, K-LMALMQ and K-LMALQR?

Megazyme produces 4 L-malic acid test kits:
K-LMAL-58A / 116A: UV method, automated format for use with auto-analysers.
K-LMALAF: UV method, manual format for use with spectrophotometers.
K-LMALMQ: Colourimetric method, manual format for use with hand held colorimeter.
K-LMALQR: UV method, liquid ready reagents automated format for use with auto-analysers.

Q2. Should the pH of the sample be adjusted even for samples in acidic media?

The pH of the assay solution after the sample is added should be the same as that of the assay buffer that is supplied with the kit.
Low sample volumes (e.g. 0.1 mL) are not likely to affect the pH of the assay solution and therefore may not require pH adjustment.
Samples above 0.1 mL are more likely to affect the pH of the assay solution and therefore the pH of these samples should be adjusted as described in the data booklet, prior to addition to the assay.

Q3. Sometimes a negative absorbance change is obtained for the blank samples, is this normal? Should the real value (negative absorbance change) or “0” be used in the calculation of results?

Sometimes the addition of the last assay component can cause a small negative absorbance change in the blank samples due to a dilution effect and in such cases it is recommended that the real absorbance values be used in the calculation of results.

Q4. There is an issue with the performance of the kit; the results are not as expected.

If you suspect that the Megazyme test kit is not performing as expected such that expected results are not obtained please do the following:

  1. Ensure that you have tested the standard sample that is supplied with the Megazyme test kit.
  2. Send the results of the kit standard, blank samples and the results obtained for your sample, in the relevant MegaCalc spreadsheet (if available) to Megazyme (cs@megazyme.com). Where available the relevant MegaCalc spreadsheet can be downloaded from where the product appears on the Megazyme website.
  3. State the kit lot number being used (this is found on the outside of the kit box).
  4. State which assay format was used (refer to the relevant page in the kit booklet if necessary).
  5. State exact details of any modifications to the standard procedure that is provided by Megazyme.
  6. State the sample type and describe the sample preparation steps if applicable.

Q5. Which L-Malic Acid Kit is recommended for a 96-well microplate format?

Auto-analysers use ~ 0.315 mL reaction volumes and pathlengths between 4-8 mm which is similar to a standard 96-well microplate where a 0.315 mL reaction volume would give a pathlength of ~ 6-7 mm.  Therefore, K-LMALAF can be used directly in a 96-well microplate format with minimal assay optimisation.
If preferred, K-LMAL-58A / 116A may also be easily converted for use in a 96-well microplate format.  Basically, the assay volumes for the cuvette format must be reduced approximately 10-fold for use in a 96-well microplate.  However, some assay optimisation may be required (e.g. increased enzyme concentration etc.) and unlike the cuvette which has a set pathlength of 1 cm, the pathlength in the microplate is dependent upon the volume of liquid in the well.
Therefore to enable the calculation of the amount of analyte in the samples from tests performed in the microplate format one of the following must be done:

  1. The easiest method is to use a microplate reader that has a pathlength conversion capability (i.e. the microplate reader can detect the pathlength of each well and convert the individual readings to a 1 cm pathlength).  This will allow values to be calculated using the MegaCalc calculation software which can be found where the product is located on the Megazyme website.
  2. Perform a standard curve of the analyte on each microplate that contains test samples and calculate the result of the test samples from the calibration curve (concentration of analyte versus absorbance).
  3. Perform a standard curve of the analyte in both the cuvette format (i.e. with a 1 cm pathlength) and the 96-well microplate format and use these results to obtain a mean conversion factor between the cuvette values and the microplate values.

L-Malic Acid Kit Recommendation For Microplate Format:
Either K-LMAL-58A / 116A or K-LMALAF is recommended for use in a 96-well microplate format and the main advantages / disadvantages are described below:
K-LMAL-58A / 116A:
The assay volumes of this kit should be reduced by 10-fold for use in a 96-well microplate format (some assay optimisation may be required, e.g. increased enzyme concentration etc.).
The calculation of results is achieved as outlined above in either of points 1, 2 or 3.
The main advantage here is that if this kit is used with a microplate reader that has a pathlength conversion capability, or if results are converted as outlined above in point 3, then this enables easy calculation of results using the K-LMAL-58A / 116A MegaCalc application (available on the Megazyme website where the product is located).
This kit is designed for use in an auto-analyser and therefore can be used without any modification to assay volumes directly in a 96-well microplate format. 
This kit has less reagent additions than K-LMAL-58A / 116A.
K-LMALAF does not have a MegaCalc application available to enable easy results calculation which therefore must be achieved as outlined above in either of points 2 or 3.

Q6. Do samples require any specific sample preparation prior to testing with the kits?

The sample preparation is sample dependent, some samples may be tested directly in the assay or after appropriate dilution, however, some samples may require further sample preparation prior to testing.  The following are example of sample preparation methods:
(a) Liquid samples: clear, slightly coloured and approximately neutral, liquid samples can be used directly in the assay.
(b) Acidic samples: if > 0.1 mL of an acidic sample is to be used undiluted (such as wine or fruit juice), the pH of the solution should be increased to approx. 9.0 using 2 M NaOH, and the solution incubated at room temperature for 30 min.
(c) Carbon dioxide: samples containing significant quantities of carbon dioxide, such as beer, should be degassed by increasing the pH to approx. 9.0 with 2 M NaOH and gentle stirring, or by stirring with a glass rod.
(d) Coloured samples: an additional sample blank, i.e. sample with no L-MDH, may be necessary in the case of coloured samples.
(e) Strongly coloured samples: if used undiluted, strongly coloured samples should be treated by the addition of 0.2 g of PVPP/10 mL of sample.  Shake the tube vigorously for 5 min and then filter through Whatman No. 1 filter paper.
(f) Solid samples: homogenise or crush solid samples in distilled water and filter if necessary.
(g) Samples containing fat: extract such samples with hot water at a temperature above the melting point of the fat, e.g. in a 100 mL volumetric flask.  Adjust to room temperature and fill the volumetric flask to the mark with distilled water.  Store on ice or in a refrigerator for 15-30 min and then filter.  Discard the first few mL of filtrate, and use the clear supernatant (which may be slightly opalescent) for assay. Alternatively, clarify with Carrez reagents.
(h) Samples containing protein: deproteinise samples containing protein by adding an equal volume of ice-cold 1 M perchloric acid with mixing.  Centrifuge at 1,500 g for 10 min and neutralise the supernatant with 1 M KOH.  Alternatively use Carrez reagents.

Q7. The pH of my sample is low (pH ~ 3.0), do I need to adjust this before I use the sample in the kit assay?

The final pH of the kit assay after the sample is added should not change from what it should be (as stated in the kit for the assay buffer). If it does change then the sample will require pH adjustment. In most cases the sample volume being used is low relative to the final assay volume and in this case the pH of the kit assay is unlikely to be affected.

Q8. How can I work out how much sample to extract and what dilution of my sample should be used in the kit assay?

Where the amount of analyte in a liquid sample is unknown, it is recommended that a range of sample dilutions are prepared with the aim of obtaining an absorbance change in the assay that is within the linear range.
Where solid samples are analysed, the weight of sample per volume of water used for sample extraction/preparation can be altered to suit, as can the dilution of the extracted sample prior to the addition of the assay, as per liquid samples.

Q9. Can you explain, step by step, how to follow the method and perform the kit assay?

For users who are not familiar with how to use the Megazyme tests kits then it is recommended that they follow this example, e.g. D-Fructose/D-Glucose Assay kit K-FRUGL (http://secure.megazyme.com/D-Fructose-D-Glucose-Assay-Kit):

1. The kit components are listed on pages 2-3 of the kit booklet.
2. Prepare the kit reagents as described on page 3.
3. For separate measurements of glucose and fructose follow procedure A on page 4.
4. Pipette the volumes listed for water, sample, solution 1 and solution 2 into 3 mL, 1 cm pathlength cuvettes. Duplicate sample assays and duplicate blanks are recommended. Mix the contents of each cuvette by inversion (seal the cuvette using parafilm or a plastic cuvette cap – do not use a finger) then after ~3 min record the first absorbance reading of each cuvette at 340 nm (this is reading A1).
5. Then add suspension 3 and mix the contents of each cuvette by inversion. Incubate for 5 minutes then record the absorbance reading of each cuvette at 340 nm (this is reading A2). NB. It is essential that the reaction is compete. To assess this, record the absorbances at ~ 2 minute intervals and until the absorbance plateaus. A stable absorbance indicates that the reaction is complete. If the absorbance continues to increase then continue to record absorbances until it plateaus and only then record absorbance reading A2.
6. Then add suspension 4 and mix the contents of each cuvette by inversion. Incubate for 5 minutes then take absorbance reading of each cuvette at 340 nm (this is reading A3). NB. As above, assess that the reaction has completed by take subsequent readings at ~2 min intervals.
7. For simple, automated results analysis, input the absorbance readings (A1, A2, A3) for samples and blanks into the 
K-FRUGL MegaCalc.

To ensure that the assay is working, and being performed correctly it is recommend that the test is performed using the standard sample that is provided with the kit and to obtain the expected values before proceeding to test real samples.
It is recommend that new users also watch 
this video which highlights how to perform the assays.
Many of the other Megazyme test kits follow a similar format.

Q10. I have some doubts about the appearance/quality of a kit component what should be done?

iP-TEC® 细胞培养小室用运输容器 (12孔、24孔)

产品编号 产品名称 产品规格 产品等级 产品价格

iP-TEC®  细胞培养小室用运输容器 (12孔、24孔)iP-TEC® 细胞培养小室用运输容器 (12孔小室用、24孔小室用)



iP-TEC® Cell Transport Container #RPE12

iP-TEC® 12孔小室用细胞运输容器

可稳定12孔培养小室(Transwell® 等),实现安全运输。

iP-TEC®  细胞培养小室用运输容器 (12孔、24孔)

iP-TEC®  细胞培养小室用运输容器 (12孔、24孔)


(Cell Culture Inserts)





iP-TEC®  细胞培养小室用运输容器 (12孔、24孔)






iP-TEC®  细胞培养小室用运输容器 (12孔、24孔) iP-TEC®  细胞培养小室用运输容器 (12孔、24孔)




● 使用12孔培养小室,最适用于细胞片的培养和运输。

● 由3个部分组成的简易结构,组装简单。

● 硅橡胶材质的内部容器可稳定小室,且容器主体与盖子之间完全密封。

● 采用医疗级硅橡胶制造(符合USP class Ⅵ, ISO10993-5)

● 培养液用量少(满液量约6.6mL)



iP-TEC®  细胞培养小室用运输容器 (12孔、24孔)






iP-TEC® 12孔小室用细胞运输容器(封闭型)

iP-TEC® Cell Transport Container

#RPE12 Closed type

12 pieces(2 pieces/bag×6)


iP-TEC® 12孔小室用细胞运输容器(透气型)

iP-TEC® Cell Transport Container

#RPE12 Vent type

12 pieces(2 pieces/bag×6)

● 电子束灭菌。

● 材质




● 外径/主体:33φ(mm)盖子:41φ(mm)全高:30(mm)

● 一箱12个(2个一袋×6)

*本产品不包含培养小室(Cell Culture Inserts)。


iP-TEC® Cell Transport Quadruple Container #24

iP-TEC® 24孔小室用细胞运输容器


iP-TEC®  细胞培养小室用运输容器 (12孔、24孔)

iP-TEC®  细胞培养小室用运输容器 (12孔、24孔)


(Cell Culture Inserts)



● 使用细胞确认药效时使用。

● 可透过CO2

● 效率高。4个连着的盖子。

iP-TEC®  细胞培养小室用运输容器 (12孔、24孔)







iP-TEC®  细胞培养小室用运输容器 (12孔、24孔)

iP-TEC®  细胞培养小室用运输容器 (12孔、24孔)











iP-TEC® Cell Transport Quadruple Container 

#24(Silicon cap)

iP-TEC® 24孔小室用细胞运输容器硅胶帽

60 pieces(6 pieces/bag×10)


iP-TEC® Cell Transport Quadruple Container

#24(Main unit)

iP-TEC® 24孔小室用细胞运输容器主体

240 pieces(24 pieces/bag×10)


iP-TEC® Cell Transport Quadruple Container #24(Dedicated 8-hole rack)

iP-TEC® 24孔小室用细胞运输容器专用8孔架

1   piece


● 电子束灭菌

● 材质




● 外径

      主体:22 φ(mm) 

      盖子:23 φ(mm) 

      全高:30 mm

      全长:100 mm(含盖子)

*本产品不包含培养小室(Cell Culture Inserts)。



iP-TEC®  细胞培养小室用运输容器 (12孔、24孔) iP-TEC®  细胞培养小室用运输容器 (12孔、24孔)
iP-TEC® 活细胞运输系列产品详情 iP-TEC® 系列产品简介列表
iP-TEC®  细胞培养小室用运输容器 (12孔、24孔) iP-TEC®  细胞培养小室用运输容器 (12孔、24孔)
iP-TEC® 问题集 蓄热板安装手册

 MILLIPORE圆片型超滤膜63.5mm直径,分子量1KDa 3KDa 10KDa

 MILLIPORE圆片型超滤膜63.5mm直径,分子量1KDa 3KDa 10KDa

型号 PLBC06210 PLCC06210
特点 MILLIPORE圆片型超滤膜63.5mm直径,分子量1KDa 3KDa 10KDa
截留分子量:1kd 3kd 10kd 30kd 100kd

MILLIPORE圆片型超滤膜63.5mm直径,分子量1KDa 3KDa 10KDa


PLBC06210 Ultracel PL 3K 63.5MM 10/PK
PLTK06210 PLTK 30K LOBND 63.5MM 10PK

Ultracel PLBC 圆片型超滤膜,再生纤维素材质,直径63.5 mm

可配套millipore8200型超滤膜200ml容量 使用

MILLIPORE圆片型超滤膜63.5mm直径,分子量1KDa 3KDa 10KDa


Consumables PLAC02510 EA PLAC DISC 1K 25MM 10PK
Consumables PLAC04310 EA PLAC DISC 1K 44.5MM 10PK
Consumables PLAC04710 EA PLAC DISC 1K 47MM 10PK
Consumables PLAC06210 EA LO BIND 1K UF DISC 10/PK
Consumables PLAC07610 EA LO BIND 1K UF DISC 10/PK
Consumables PLAC09005 EA LO BIND 1K UF DISC 5/PK
Consumables PLAC15005 EA LO BIND 1K UF DISC 5/PK
Consumables PLBC02510 EA Ultracel PL 3K 25MM 10PK
Consumables PLBC04310 EA Ultracel PL 3K 44.5MM DISC10PK
Consumables PLBC04710 EA LO BIND 3K UF DISC 10/PK
Consumables PLBC06210 EA Ultracel PL 3K 63.5MM 10/PK
Consumables PLBC07610 EA Ultracel PL 3K 76MM 10PK
Consumables PLBC09005 EA Ultracel PL 3K 90MM 5/PK
Consumables PLBC15005 EA Ultracel PL 3K 150MM 5/PK
Consumables PLCC02510 PK PLCC 5K LOWBIND 25MM 10PK
Consumables PLCC04310 PK PLCC 5K LOBIND 44.5MM 10PK
Consumables PLCC04710 PK PLCC 5K LOWBIND 47MM 10PK
Consumables PLCC06210 PK PLCC 5K LOBIND 63.5MM 10PK
Consumables PLCC07610 PK PLCC 5K LOWBIND 76MM 10PK
Consumables PLCC09005 PK PLCC 5K LOWBIND 90MM 5PK
Consumables PLCC15005 PK PLCC TK LOWBIND 150MM 5PK
Consumables PLGC02510 PK PLGC DISC 10K 25MM 10PK
Consumables PLGC04310 PK PLGC DISC 10K 44.5MM 10/PK
Consumables PLGC04710 PK PLGC DISC 10K 47MM 10PK
Consumables PLGC06210 PK PLGC DISC 10K 63.5MM 10PK
Consumables PLGC07610 PK PLGC DISC 10K 76MM 10PK
Consumables PLGC09005 PK PLGC DISC 10K 90MM 5PK
Consumables PLGC15005 EA UF DISK 10K REG CA 150MM 5PK
Consumables PLHK02510 EA PLHK DISC 100K 25MM 10PK
Consumables PLHK04310 EA PLHK 100K LOWBIND 44.5MM 10PK
Consumables PLHK04710 EA LO BIND 100K UF DISC 10/PK
Consumables PLHK06210 EA LO BIND 100K UF DISC 10/PK
Consumables PLHK07610 EA LO BIND 100K UF DISC 10/PK
Consumables PLHK09005 EA LO BIND 100K UF DISC 5/PK
Consumables PLHK15005 EA LO BIND 100K UF DISC 5/PK
Consumables PLTK02510 PK PLTK 30K LOWBIND 25MM 10PK
Consumables PLTK04310 PK PLTK 30 LOBIND 44.5MM 10PK
Consumables PLTK04710 PK PLTK 30K LOWBIND 47MM 10PK
Consumables PLTK06210 PK PLTK 30K LOBND 63.5MM 10PK
Consumables PLTK07610 PK PLTK 30K LOWBIND 76MM 10PK
Consumables PLTK09005 PK PLTK 30K LOWBIND 90MM 5PK
Consumables PLTK15005 PK PLTK 30K LOWBIND 150MM 5PK
Consumables PSET010R1 PK Milli-24 Culture Plate PCF 8um 1/pk
Consumables PSET010R5 PK Milli-24 Culture Plate PCF 8um 5/pk
Consumables PSHT00410 PK Millicell-96, 10/pk, For Merck & Co
Consumables PSHT004R1 PK Milli 96 CULTURE PLATE 0.4um PCF 1 PK
Consumables PSHT004R5 PK Milli 96 CULTURE PLATE 0.4um PCF 5 PK
Consumables PSHT004S5 PK Milli 96 plate,feeder tray 0.4um PCF 5pk
Consumables PSHT010R1 PK Milli-24  Culture Plate PCF 0.4um 1/pk
Consumables PSHT010R5 PK Milli-24  Culture Plate PCF 0.4um 5/pk
Consumables PSMT010R1 PK Milli-24  Culture Plate PCF 5um 1/pk
Consumables PSMT010R5 PK Milli-24  Culture Plate PCF 5um 5/pk
Consumables PSMW010R5 PK Milli 24 Multi-Well rcvr Tray w/Lid 5/pk
Consumables PSRP004R1 PK Milli 96 Culture Plate PET 1.0um PET 1pk
Consumables PSRP004R5 PK Milli 96 Culture Plate 1.0um PET 5pk
Consumables PSRP010R1 PK Milli-24  Culture Plate PET 1.0um 1/pk
Consumables PSRP010R5 PK Milli-24  Culture Plate PET 1.0um 5/pk
Consumables PSST010R1 PK Milli-24  Culture Plate PCF 3.0um 1/pk
Consumables PSST010R5 PK Milli-24  Culture Plate PCF 3.0um 5/pk
Consumables PSSW010R5 PK Millicell 24 Single Well Receiver T

AP-MN-P-500G AxyPrep 质粒小量制备试剂盒 500 prep

  • AP-MN-P-500GAxyPrep 质粒小量制备试剂盒500 prep
  • AXYGEN产品特价活动产品列表!欢迎选购!

    货号 产品描述 Prep 销售包装 特价 特殊价格支持
    AP-GX-250G AxyPrep DNA凝胶回收试剂盒 250 prep 609  买4送1
    AP-GX-50G AxyPrep DNA凝胶回收试剂盒 50 prep 135  买4送1
    AP-MN-P-250G AxyPrep 质粒小量制备试剂盒 250 prep 579  买4送1
    AP-MN-P-50G AxyPrep 质粒小量制备试剂盒 50 prep 129  买4送1
    AP-PCR-250G AxyPrep PCR 清洁试剂盒 250 prep 608  买4送1
    AP-PCR-50G AxyPrep PCR 清洁试剂盒 50 prep 135  买4送1
    AP-96-BF-VNA-12G AxyPrep-96 体液病毒DNA/RNA纯化试剂盒 12×96 prep 34875   
    AP-96-BF-VNA-1G AxyPrep-96 体液病毒DNA/RNA纯化试剂盒 1×96 prep 3761   
    AP-96-BF-VNA-4G AxyPrep-96 体液病毒DNA/RNA纯化试剂盒 4×96 prep 13677   
    AP-96-BL-GDNA-12G AxyPrep-96 血基因组DNA试剂盒 12×96 prep 4073   
    AP-96-BL-GDNA-1G AxyPrep-96 血基因组DNA试剂盒 1×96 prep 480   
    AP-96-BL-GDNA-4G AxyPrep-96 血基因组DNA试剂盒 4×96 prep 1598   
    AP-96-GX-1G AxyPrep-96 DNA凝胶回收试剂盒 1×96 prep 403   
    AP-96-GX-24G AxyPrep-96 DNA凝胶回收试剂盒 24×96 prep 5807   
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    AP-96-P-4G AxyPrep-96 质粒DNA试剂盒 4×96 prep 950   
    AP-96-PCR-1G AxyPrep-96 PCR 清洁试剂盒 1×96 prep 243   
    AP-96-PCR-24G AxyPrep-96 PCR 清洁试剂盒 24×96 prep 4080   
    AP-96-PCR-4G AxyPrep-96 PCR 清洁试剂盒 4×96 prep 756   
    AP-E96-P-1G AxyPrep Easy-96质粒DNA小量试剂盒 1×96 prep 258   
    AP-E96-P-24G AxyPrep Easy-96质粒DNA小量试剂盒 24×96 prep 3920   
    AP-E96-P-4G AxyPrep Easy-96质粒DNA小量试剂盒 4×96 prep 720   
    AP-EMN-BL-GDNA-250 AxyPrep 血基因组DNA小量试剂盒(酶法) 250 prep 1598   
    AP-EMN-BL-GDNA-4 AxyPrep 血基因组DNA小量试剂盒(酶法) 4 prep 85   
    AP-EMN-BL-GDNA-50 AxyPrep 血基因组DNA小量试剂盒(酶法) 50 prep 338   
    AP-GX-250-DE-A DE-A 缓冲溶液 165mL/bottle 274   
    AP-GX-250-DE-B DE-B 缓冲溶液 165mL/bottle 136   
    AP-GX-250-W2 W2 缓冲溶液 72mL/bottle 172   
    AP-GX-4G AxyPrep DNA凝胶回收试剂盒 4 prep 85   
    AP-GX-500G AxyPrep DNA凝胶回收试剂盒 500 prep 1094   
    AP-MD-BL-GDNA-10G AxyPrep 血基因组DNA中量制备试剂盒 10 prep 248   
    AP-MD-BL-GDNA-25G  AxyPrep 血基因组DNA中量制备试剂盒 25 prep 518   
    AP-MD-BL-GDNA-2G AxyPrep 血基因组DNA中量制备试剂盒 2 prep 216   
    AP-MD-EP-10G AxyPrep 无内毒素质粒中量试剂盒 10 prep 500   
    AP-MD-EP-25G AxyPrep 无内毒素质粒中量试剂盒 25 prep 1220   
    AP-MD-EP-2G AxyPrep 无内毒素质粒中量试剂盒 2 prep 156   
    AP-MD-MS-RNA-10G AxyPrep 总RNA中量制备试剂盒 10 prep 413   
    AP-MD-MS-RNA-25G AxyPrep 总RNA中量制备试剂盒 25 prep 900   
    AP-MD-MS-RNA-2G AxyPrep 总RNA中量制备试剂盒 2 prep 152   
    AP-MD-P-10G AxyPrep 质粒中量制备试剂盒 10 prep 246   
    AP-MD-P-25G AxyPrep 质粒中量制备试剂盒 25 prep 550   
    AP-MD-P-2G AxyPrep 质粒中量制备试剂盒 2 prep 211   
    AP-MN-BF-VNA-250G AxyPrep 体液病毒DNA/RNA小量制备试剂盒 250 prep 2100   
    AP-MN-BF-VNA-250T AxyPrep 体液病毒DNA/RNA小量制备试剂盒 (TaKaRa OEM) 250 prep 2100   
    AP-MN-BF-VNA-4G AxyPrep 体液病毒DNA/RNA小量制备试剂盒 4 prep 91   
    AP-MN-BF-VNA-50G AxyPrep 体液病毒DNA/RNA小量制备试剂盒 50 prep 468   
    AP-MN-BF-VNA-VN VN 缓冲溶液 20mL/bottle 75   
    AP-MN-BL-GDNA-250G AxyPrep 血基因组DNA小量制备试剂盒 250 prep 1598   
    AP-MN-BL-GDNA-4G AxyPrep 血基因组DNA小量制备试剂盒 4 prep 91   
    AP-MN-BL-GDNA-50G AxyPrep 血基因组DNA小量制备试剂盒 50 prep 338   
    AP-MN-BL-GDNA-AP1 B-AP1 缓冲溶液 150mL/bottle 532   
    AP-MN-BL-GDNA-AP2 AP2 缓冲溶液 30mL/bottle 72   
    AP-MN-BL-GDNA-TE TE 缓冲溶液 60mL/bottle 70   
    AP-MN-BL-RNA-250G AxyPrep 血RNA小量制备试剂盒 250 prep 3150   
    AP-MN-BL-RNA-4G AxyPrep 血RNA小量制备试剂盒 4 prep 112   
    AP-MN-BL-RNA-50G AxyPrep 血RNA小量制备试剂盒 50 prep 750   
    AP-MN-BT-GDNA-250G AxyPrep 细菌基因组DNA小量制备试剂盒 250 prep 1418   
    AP-MN-BT-GDNA-250T AxyPrep 细菌基因组DNA小量制备试剂盒 (TaKaRa OEM) 250 prep 1418   
    AP-MN-BT-GDNA-4G AxyPrep 细菌基因组DNA小量制备试剂盒 4 prep 162   
    AP-MN-BT-GDNA-50G AxyPrep 细菌基因组DNA小量制备试剂盒 50 prep 315   
    AP-MN-EP-150G AxyPrep 无内毒素质粒小量试剂盒 150 prep 1177   
    AP-MN-EP-4G AxyPrep 无内毒素质粒小量试剂盒 4 prep 114   
    AP-MN-EP-50G AxyPrep 无内毒素质粒小量试剂盒 50 prep 436   
    AP-MN-FEP-150G AxyPrep 无内毒素质粒小量试剂盒(快速法) 150 prep 1220   
    AP-MN-FEP-4G AxyPrep 无内毒素质粒小量试剂盒(快速法) 4 prep 76   
    AP-MN-FEP-50G AxyPrep 无内毒素质粒小量试剂盒(快速法) 50 prep 500   
    AP-MN-MiRNA-250G AxyPrep miRNA小量制备试剂盒 250 prep 3150   
    AP-MN-MiRNA-4G AxyPrep miRNA小量制备试剂盒 4 prep 71   
    AP-MN-MiRNA-50G AxyPrep miRNA小量制备试剂盒 50 prep 750   
    AP-MN-MS-GDNA-250G AxyPrep 基因组DNA小量制备试剂盒 250 prep 1416   
    AP-MN-MS-GDNA-4G AxyPrep 基因组DNA小量制备试剂盒 4 prep 108   
    AP-MN-MS-GDNA-50G AxyPrep 基因组DNA小量制备试剂盒 50 prep 312   
    AP-MN-MS-RNA-250G AxyPrep 总RNA小量制备试剂盒 250 prep 3150   
    AP-MN-MS-RNA-4G AxyPrep 总RNA小量制备试剂盒 4 prep 97   
    AP-MN-MS-RNA-50G AxyPrep 总RNA小量制备试剂盒 50 prep 750   
    AP-MN-P-250G-RA RNase 150µL/bottle 29   
    AP-MN-P-4G AxyPrep 质粒小量制备试剂盒 4 prep 102   
    AP-MN-P-500G AxyPrep 质粒小量制备试剂盒 500 prep 1042   
    AP-MN-P-500-S1 S1 缓冲溶液 150mL/bottle 110   
    AP-MN-P-500-S2 S2 缓冲溶液 150mL/bottle 115   
    AP-MN-P-500-S3 S3 缓冲溶液 210mL/bottle 151   
    AP-MN-P-500-W2 W2 缓冲溶液 120mL/bottle 227   
    AP-MX-BL-GDNA-10G AxyPrep 血基因组DNA大量制备试剂盒 10 prep 240   
    AP-MX-BL-GDNA-25G AxyPrep 血基因组DNA大量制备试剂盒 25 prep 570   
    AP-MX-BL-GDNA-2G AxyPrep 血基因组DNA大量制备试剂盒 2 prep 269   
    AP-MX-EP-10G AxyPrep 无内毒素质粒大量试剂盒 10 prep 784   
    AP-MX-EP-25G AxyPrep 无内毒素质粒大量试剂盒 25 prep 1780   
    AP-MX-EP-2G AxyPrep 无内毒素质粒大量试剂盒 2 prep 204   
    AP-MX-MS-RNA-10G AxyPrep 总RNA大量制备试剂盒 10 prep 908   
    AP-MX-MS-RNA-25G AxyPrep 总RNA大量制备试剂盒 25 prep 1980   
    AP-MX-MS-RNA-2G AxyPrep 总RNA大量制备试剂盒 2 prep 245   
    AP-MX-P-10G AxyPrep 质粒大量制备试剂盒 10 prep 629   
    AP-MX-P-25G AxyPrep 质粒大量制备试剂盒 25 prep 1372   
    AP-MX-P-2G AxyPrep 质粒大量制备试剂盒 2 prep 241   
    AP-PCR-4G AxyPrep PCR 清洁试剂盒 4 prep 58   
    AP-PCR-500G AxyPrep PCR 清洁试剂盒 500 prep 1094   
    AP-TAQ-5 Axygen Taq 酶试剂盒 (含dNTPs, 预混Mg++) 500U 209   
    AP-TAQ-M-5 Axygen Taq 酶试剂盒 (含dNTPs, Mg++分开) 500U 209   
    AP-VM-G AxyVac 负压装置(第一代) 810   
    AP-VM-II AxyVac 负压装置(第二代) 720   

Survivin反义抗体[ ep2880y ](ab76424)


  • 应用 AB评论 说明 ihc-p 1 / 250 – 1 / 500。进行热介导抗原修复免疫组化染色协议开始之前。信号放大系统可能是必要的或聚合酶标二抗的使用。 WB 1 / 5000 – 1 / 20000。检测到的频带的约16 kDa(预测分子量:16 kDa)。 IP 1 / 10。 流式细胞 1 / 50。


    国际商会/如果 1 / 100 – 1 / 250。 夹心ELISA 用浓度为0.5μg/mLµ可以配对夹心ELISA羊多克隆Survivin(ab27468)


  • 靶标

    • 功能的染色体乘客复合体成分(CPC),一个复杂的,作为一个关键的调节有丝分裂。中共复杂的基本功能,在确保正确的染色体排列和种族隔离的着丝粒和所需的染色质诱导微管稳定和主轴组件。复杂与跑作为物理支架来帮助把跑效应分子TPX2微管纺锤体的形成中起着重要作用。可能在肿瘤中发挥作用。可能会抵消违约诱导细胞凋亡在G2/M期。Caspase-3和Caspase-7抑制剂。2型和3型不出现在有丝分裂中起着至关重要的作用。亚型3显示其抗凋亡作用与显示野生型亚型相比明显减少。
    • 组织特异性只有在胎儿肾脏和肝脏中表达,并在较小的程度上,肺和脑。在腺癌中高表达(肺、胰腺、结肠、乳腺、前列腺)和恶性淋巴瘤。在各种肾细胞癌细胞株还表达。
    • 序列相似性属于IAP家族。包含1个BIR重复。
    • 发展阶段表达的是在有丝分裂细胞周期依赖性和峰。
    • 结构域比尔重复是必要的和足够的蛋白结合。
    • 翻译后修饰泛素化是中心体定位需要。体外磷酸化在thr-117的极光激酶/ stk12防止互动为定位到染色体。
    • 细胞定位细胞质.核。染色体.>着丝粒染色体。> >细胞质骨架的主轴。定位于从前期通过中期染色体臂内着丝粒然后转移到纺锤体中央区和中后期通过细胞分裂。在有丝分裂的染色体colocalizes AURKB。
    • 以上信息来自:UniProt加入目标o15392UniProt协会通用蛋白质资源(UniProt)2010



    日本龟甲万酶试剂 Enzymes for Clinical Chemistry

    日本龟甲万酶试剂 Enzymes for Clinical Chemistry
    kikkoman キッコーマンバイオケミファ株式会社

    日本龟甲万酶试剂 Enzymes for Clinical Chemistry
    Product Code Origin Activity (more than)
    A Alkaline Phosphatase (ALP)PDF calf intestinal mucosa 6000 U/mg protein
    C Catalase (CAT)PDF 61152 bovine liver 12,000 U/mg lyophilizate
    Cholesterol Esterase (CHE-XE)*PDF 60468 recombinant E. coli 5 U/mg lyophilizate
    Cholesterol Oxidase (CHO-CE)*PDF 60266 recombinant E. coli 5 U/mg lyophilizate
    Cholesterol Oxidase (CHO-PEWL)PDF 60271 recombinant E. coli 200 U/ml
    Creatinase (C2-AE)PDF 60108 recombinant E. coli 9 U/mg lyophilizate
    Creatinase (C2-AT)PDF 60118 recombinant E. coli 9 U/mg lyophilizate
    Creatininase (C1- E)PDF 60111 recombinant E. coli 600 U/mg lyophilizate
    F Fructosyl-amino Acid Oxidase (FAOX-TE)*PDF 60242 recombinant E. coli 1.0 U/mg lyophilizate
    Fructosyl-amino Acid Oxidase (FAOD-E)*PDF 60273 recombinant E. coli 4 U/mg lyophilizate
    Fructosyl-peptide Oxidase (FPOX-CE)PDF 60123 recombinant E. coli 6 U/mg yophilizate
    Fructosyl-peptide Oxidase (FPOX-CET)*PDF 60131 recombinant E. coli 5.0 U/mg lyophilizate
    G Glucose Dehydrogenase (FADGDH-AA)PDF 60100 recombinant A. sojae 500 U/mg lyophilizate
    alpha-Glucosidase (aGLS-SE)PDF 60241 recombinant E. coli 10 U/mg lyophilizate
    Glutamine Synthetase (GST)PDF 61222 microorganism 7 U/mg lyophilizate
    H 3alpha-Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase (3aHSD-EH)*PDF 61224 recombinant B.choshinensis 30 U/mg lyophilizate
    L Lactate Dehydrogenase (LDH-P)PDF 61170 porcine heart 150 U/mg lyophilizate
    Maltose Phosphorylase (MPL-EP)PDF 60233 recombinant E. coli 10 U/mg lyophilizate
    P beta-Phosphoglucomutase (bPGM-EP)PDF 60189 recombinant E. coli 30 U/mg lyophilizate
    S Sarcosine Oxidase (SOD-TE)PDF 60105 recombinant E. coli 15 U/mg lyophilizate
    Sucrose Phosphorylase (SPL-E)PDF 60122 recombinant E. coli 20 U/mg lyophilizate
    U Urease (URE)PDF 61156 jack bean 100 U/mg lyophilizate
    Uricase (U-TE)PDF





    Axygen Scientific Inc 位于美国硅谷,以生产生物工程耗材著称。凭借超净的生产环境、先进的生产工艺、严格的质控,Axygen 产品在业内拥有盛誉。专业机构认证无DNA酶、RNA酶、无热源,使其产品能够满足分子生物学、生物工程、药物研究、医学等领域的各种需要。





    中文名 目录价(元/包) 包(盒)/箱
    T-300-R 10ul盒装枪头 25.50 50
    T-300-R-S 10ul盒装灭菌枪头 29.50 50
    T-400 10ul枪头,枪头较长 116.50 20
    T-400-R 10ul盒装枪头 25.50 50
    T-400-R-S 10ul盒装灭菌枪头 29.50 50
    T-200-Y-R 200ul盒装黄枪头 25.50 50
    T-200-Y-R-S 200ul盒装灭菌黄枪头 29.50 50
    TR-222-Y 200ul带刻度枪头 111.50 20
    TR-222-Y-R 200ul带刻度盒装枪头 25.50 50
    TR-222-Y-R-S 200ul带刻度盒装灭菌枪头 29.50 50
    T-1000-B-R 1000ul盒装蓝枪头 35.00 50
    T-1000-B-R-S 1000ul盒装灭菌蓝枪头 38.50 50
    T-200-C 200ul无色枪头 111.50 20
    T-200-C-R 200ul无色盒装枪头 25.50 50
    T-200-C-R-S 200ul无色盒装灭菌枪头 29.50 50
    T-210-Y 200ul黄枪头,细尖 111.50 20
    T-210-Y-R 200ul盒装黄枪头,细尖 25.50 50
    T-210-Y-R-S 200ul盒装黄枪头,细尖 29.50 50
    T-350-C 300ul透明吸头,1000/袋,10袋/箱 135.50 10
    T-350-C-R-S 300ul 盒装灭菌透明吸头,96/盒,50盒/箱 33.00 50
    T-1000-C 1000ul无色枪头 120.00 5
    T-1000-C-R 1000ul无色盒装枪头 35.00 50
    T-1000-C-R-S 1000ul无色盒装灭菌枪头 38.50 50
    T-5000-C 5000ul无色枪头 183.00 10
    TF-300 10ul滤芯枪头 484.00 10
    TF-300-R-S 10ul盒装灭菌滤芯枪头 68.00 50
    TF-400 10ul滤芯枪头,枪头较长 484.00 10
    TF-400-R-S 10ul盒装灭菌滤芯枪头,枪头较长 68.00 50
    TF-20 20ul滤芯枪头 484.00 10
    TF-20-R-S 20ul盒装灭菌滤芯枪头 68.00 50
    TF-50 50ul滤芯枪头 484.00 10
    TF-50-R-S 50ul盒装灭菌滤芯枪头 68.00 50
    TF-100 100ul滤芯枪头 484.00 10
    TF-100-R-S 100ul盒装灭菌滤芯枪头 68.00 50
    TF-200 200ul滤芯枪头 484.00 10
    TF-200-R-S 200ul盒装灭菌滤芯枪头 68.00 50
    TF-1000 1000ul滤芯枪头 537.00 5
    TF-1000-R-S 1000ul盒装灭菌滤芯枪头 68.00 50
    PCR-02D-C 0.2mlPCR管,凸盖,无色 329.50 10
    PCR-02D-A 0.2mlPCR管,凸盖,杂色 387.50 10
    PCR-02-A 0.2mlPCR管,平盖,杂色 387.50 10
    PCR-05-C 0.5mlPCR管,平盖,无色 300.00 10
    PCR-05-A 0.5mlPCR管,平盖,杂色 325.00 10
    PCR-02CP-C 0.2mlPCR8连排管盖子,凸盖无色 97.00 10
    PCR-2CP-RT-C 0.2mlPCR8连排管盖子,平盖无色 244.50 10
    PCR-96-C 96孔PCR板,无裙边,常备货 271.00 5
    PCR-96M2-HS-C 96孔PCR板,半裙边,常备货 271.00 5
    PCR-96-SG-C 96孔PCR板,半裙边 271.00 5
    PCR-96-AB-C 96孔PCR板,半裙边 271.00 5
    PCR-96-FS-C 96孔PCR板,全裙边 271.00 5
    PCR-384-C 384孔PCR板,全裙边,用于大部分仪器 387.50 5
    PCR-384M2-C 384孔PCR板,全裙边,用于MJ Research PCR仪 387.50 5
    AM-96-PCR-RD 96孔硅胶盖 339.00 5
    AM-384-PCR-RD 384孔硅胶盖 339.00 5
    PCR-TS 封板膜 426.00 1
    UC-500 封板膜,高透明,用于荧光定量PCR 2255.00 1
    MCT-060-C 0.6ml离心管,无色 197.50 10
    MCT-060-A 0.6ml离心管,杂色 214.00 10
    MCT-150-A 1.5ml离心管,杂色 110.50 10
    MCT-200-C 2.0ml离心管,无色 91.00 10
    MCT-200-A 2.0ml离心管,杂色 122.00 10
    SCT-050-C 0.5ml冻存管,无色,不可立,有盖子 556.50 8
    SCT-050-A 0.5ml冻存管,杂色,不可立,有盖子 637.50 8
    SCT-050-SS-C 0.5ml冻存管,无色,可立,有盖子 557.00 8
    SCT-050-SS-A 0.5ml冻存管,杂色,可立,有盖子 637.50 8
    SCT-050-SS-C-S 0.5ml冻存管,无色,可立,已灭菌,有盖子 135.00 40
    SCT-150-C 1.5ml冻存管,无色,不可立,有盖子 556.50 8
    SCT-150-A 1.5ml冻存管,杂色,不可立,有盖子 637.50 8
    SCT-150-SS-C 1.5ml冻存管,无色,可立,有盖子 557.00 8
    SCT-150-SS-A 1.5ml冻存管,杂色,可立,有盖子 637.50 8
    SCT-150-SS-C-S 1.5ml冻存管,无色,可立,已灭菌,有盖子 135.00 40
    SCT-200-C 2.0ml冻存管,无色,不可立,有盖子 556.50 8
    SCT-200-A 2.0ml冻存管,杂色,不可立,有盖子 637.50 8
    SCT-200-SS-C 2.0ml冻存管,无色,可立,有盖子 557.00 8
    SCT-200-SS-A 2.0ml冻存管,杂色,可立,有盖子 637.50 8
    SCT-200-SS-C-S 2.0ml冻存管,无色,可立,已灭菌,有盖子 135.00 40
    ST-050 0.5ml冻存管,无色,不可立,无盖子 175.00 8
    ST-050-SS 0.5ml冻存管,无色,可立,无盖子 175.00 8
    ST-150 1.5ml冻存管,无色,不可立,无盖子 175.00 8
    ST-150-SS 1.5ml冻存管,无色,可立,无盖子 175.00 8
    ST-200 2.0ml冻存管,无色,不可立,无盖子 175.00 8
    ST-200-SS 2.0ml冻存管,无色,可立,无盖子 175.00 8
    SCO-C 冻存管盖子,无色,无环 360.00 8
    SCO-A 冻存管盖子,杂色,无环 394.50 8
    SCO-GR/W/R…… 冻存管盖子,绿色/白色/红色……,无环 371.00 8
    SCO-LP-C 冻存管盖子,无色,带环 370.50 8
    SCO-LP-A 冻存管盖子,杂色,带环 405.00 8
    SCO-LP-GR/W/R…… 冻存管盖子,绿色/白色/红色……,带环 380.50 8
    SCT-5ML-S 5ML离心管,可立,已灭菌 40.00 20
    SCT-15ML-25-S 15ML离心管,不可立,无泡沫架子,已灭菌 39.00 20
    SCT-15ML-R-S 15ML离心管,不可立,有泡沫架子,已灭菌 89.50 10
    SCT-50ML-25-S 50ML离心管,不可立,无泡沫架子,已灭菌 46.00 20
    SCT-50ML-R-S 50ML离心管,不可立,有泡沫架子,已灭菌 51.00 20
    PRODUCT 中文名称 目录价
    T-300 10ul枪头 117.00
    T-200-Y 200ul黄枪头 112.00
    T-1000-B 1000ul蓝枪头 120.00
    PCR-02-C 0.2mlPCR管,平盖,无色 330.00
    PCR-0208-C 0.2mlPCR8连排管,无色 678.00
    MCT-150-C 1.5ml离心管,无色 91.00
    PCR-02CP-C 凸盖的八连排管盖,125排/盒,10盒/箱 97.00
    PCR-02FCP-C 平盖的八连排管盖,125排/盒,10盒/箱 140.00




    地 址: 上海市浦东新区东靖路699弄36栋701室

    邮 编: 201208





    网 址: www.jinpanbio.com









    金属纳米粒子[ Ionic Liquids威盛电子GmbH制]

    本公司,德国Ionic Liquids威盛电子GmbH(IoLiTec;总统技术)社的《金属纳米粒子』系列的阵容,希望案内不能接受。总统科技公司,金属单质·金属氧化物·金属碳化物和金属氮化物等各种各样的纳米粒子阵容。另外,包装大小的小容量大容量广泛地准备着。所以,研究开发的检讨阶段·规模合起请使用。


    并デライト型(R型)的结晶结构具有以下特点二酸化锰拥有,很多功能性产生被知道。 【特点】“质子H +和弱共享结合形成”=“粒子表面上的质子导电能力”,“在水中的质子吸解吸能”; ,敝公司㈱前锋科学实验室(FSL)开发的独自制法(专利第5069881)被制造了的,『Nano手デライト型(R型)二酸化锰》阵容。本系列,高纯度的手デライト型二氧化锰的纳米粒子,下一代电池材料,贵金属回收剂,高度水处理以及水的氧化催化等,用途广泛展开被期待。

    金属纳米分散液Metallic Nano Dispersions




    电话: 03 – 6214 – 1090

    传真: 03 – 3241 – 1047




    产品编号 产品名称 产品规格 产品等级 产品价格
    010-17571 苊标准品
    Acenaphthene Standard
    017-17581 1,8-亚乙基萘标准品
    Acenaphthylene Standard
    021-13641 1,2-苯并蒽标准品
    Benz[a]anthracene Standard
    028-13651 苯并[b]荧蒽标准品
    Benzo[b]fluoranthene Standard
    025-13661 苯并[k]荧蒽标准品
    Benzo[k]fluoranthene Standard
    022-13671 苯并[GHI]芘标准品
    Benzo[ghi]perylene Standard
    020-13591 苯并(a)芘标准品
    Benzo[a]pyrene Standard
    032-17511 屈标准品
    Chrysene Standard
    041-26791 二苯蒽标准品
    Dibenzo[a,h]anthracene Standard
    063-03891 荧蒽标准品
    Fluoranthene Standard
    066-03881 芴标准品
    Fluorene Standard
    091-04451 茚并(1,2,3-cd)芘标准品
    Indeno[1,2,3-c.d]pyrene Standard
    145-06881 萘标准品
    Naphthalene Standard
    162-19441 菲标准品
    Phenanthrene Standard
    169-19451 芘标准品
    Pyrene Standard
    231-59381 多环芳烃分析柱
    Wakopak Wakosil-PAHs 2.0*250mm
    237-59383 多环芳烃分析柱
    Wakopak Wakosil-PAHs 2.0*250mm
    231-59401 多环芳烃分析柱
    Wakopak Wakosil-PAHs 4.6*250mm
    237-59403 多环芳烃分析柱
    Wakopak Wakosil-PAHs 4.6*250mm
    238-59391 多环芳烃分析柱
    Wakopak Wakosil-PAHs 4.6*30mm
    234-59393 多环芳烃分析柱
    Wakopak Wakosil-PAHs 4.6*30mm
    230-59373 多环芳烃分析柱
    Wakopak Wakosil-PAHs 2.0*30mm



      多环芳烃(PAHs,polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon)是指具有两个或两个以上苯环的一类有机化合物。多环芳烃是分子中含有两个以上苯环的碳氢化合物,包括萘、蒽、菲、芘等150余种化合物。其中萘、芘等等16种PAHs因具有致畸、致癌和致突变的作用而被视为最严重的有机污染物类型之一。





    Wakopak® Wakosil-PAHs






    色谱柱:Wakopak® Wakosil-PAHs(4.6mm×250mm)



    梯度:0-15min. B conc. 10%

       5-15min. B conc. 10→75%

       15-25min. B conc. 75%



    检测:FL0.0min. λex 280nm λem 330nm

       6.0min. λex 260nm λem 340nm

       8.1min. λex 250nm λem 420nm

       12.0min. λex 270nm λem 400nm

       17.5min. λex 295nm λem 410nm

       19.1min. λex 300nm λem 500nm



      1)萘   0.5μg

      2)苊   0.2μg

      3)芴   0.14μg

      4)菲   0.25μg

      5)蒽   0.03μg

      6)荧蒽 0.48μg

      7)嵌二萘 0.3μg

      8)苯骈 (a) 蒽  0.06μg

    9)䓛   0.2μg

    10)苯骈(b)荧蒽  0.3μg

    11)苯骈 (k) 荧蒽 0.05μg

    12)苯骈 (a) 芘  0.03μg

    13)二苯骈 (a,h), 蒽  0.08μg

    14)苯骈 (g,h,i) 苝  0.06μg

    15)茚苯 (1,2,3-Cd) 芘  0.4μg



    HJ 478-2009 水质 多环芳烃的测定 液液萃取和固相萃取高效液相色谱法


    产品编号 产品名称 产品规格 产品等级 产品价格
    016-21841 200mmol/l L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine Solution(×100) 100mL 细胞培养
    045-30285 D-MEM (High Glucose) 500mL
    040-30095 D-MEM (High Glucose) 500mL
    183-02165 RPMI-1640 500mL
    168-23191 Penicillin-Streptomycin Solution(×100) 100mL 细胞培养
    161-23181 Penicillin-Streptomycin-Amphotericin B Suspension(×100) 100mL 细胞培养
    073-05391 200mmol/l L-Glutamine Solution(×100) 100mL 细胞培养
    190-14881 100mmol/l Sodium Pyruvate Solution(×100) 100mL 细胞培养
    139-15651 MEM Non-essential Amino Acids Solution(×100) 100mL 细胞培养
    132-15641 MEM Essential Amino Acids Solution(×50) 100mL 细胞培养
    076-05381 G-418 Sulfate Solution 20mL 基因研究
    072-05383 G-418 Sulfate Solution 100mL 基因研究
    084-07681 50mg/ml Hygromycin B Solution 20mL 生物化学
    080-07683 50mg/ml Hygromycin B Solution 100mL 生物化学
    019-23891 Amphotericin B Suspension 50mL 细胞培养
    078-06061 50mg/ml Gentamicin Sulfate Solution 10mL 细胞培养
    511-27321 N-2 Plus Media Supplement 5mL R & D Systems
    345-06681 HEPES Buffer Solution 100mL (株)同仁化学研究所








    ● 提高培养基稳定性


    ● 改善细胞增殖能力


    培养基:D-MEM(High Glucose) without L-Glutamine (#045-30285)
          + 10% FCS
          + 2mmol/L L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine (控制组加入同浓度的L-Glutamine#073-05391)



















    D-MEM (High Glucose)








    极限糊精酶和支链淀粉酶检测片剂 (200) Limit-Dextrizyme – 200 Tablets 货号:T-LDZ-200T Megazyme中文站

    极限糊精酶和支链淀粉酶检测片剂 (200)

    英文名:Limit-Dextrizyme – 200 Tablets


    规格:200 Tablets

    High purity dyed and crosslinked Limit-Dextrizyme tablets for the measurement of enzyme activity, for research, biochemical enzyme assays and in vitro diagnostic analysis.

    RACI Standard Method. For the assay of limit-dextrinase and pullulanase. Containing AZCL-Pullulan.

    PDF Download